Rick Represents Our Values

Rick Walker and his family

Faith, Family, Country, Recovery, Jobs

Rick Walker is a proven leader across multiple domains – business, internationally and charitable worlds. Like many Houstonians, his home sustained catastrophic damage due to Hurricane Harvey. Rick and his family immediately got to work to volunteer and to help others, taking Houston Strong to heart. His efforts continue today and as your next congressman, Rick will bring the fight to DC. Putting our families first, Rick understands, promotes and protects the values we all share as conservatives. The values of Faith, Family and Country are the rock upon which Rick will fight to create more good-paying jobs here at home, promote family values and the right to life, all while cutting government and bureaucratic waste through increased efficiency. Rick Walker shares our values and will put them to work for us in Congress.

Rick Walker believes in Faith, Family and Country First

Rick is a taxpayer like us, a family man, and shares our values. He wants to provide the absolute best future for us, our children, our parents and our grandparents. An ordained Deacon in his church, Rick has worked to promote nonprofit efforts to help families here at home and in dozens of countries all over the world. Rick’s deeply rooted faith, and his love of family and country cement his stance against abortion. Rick supports and promotes adoption and core family values while protecting global religious liberty, fairness and honesty. Rick believes in the freedom of religion for our friends across all faiths.

Rick Walker believes we should treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated. It’s that simple!

Rick Walker: Perseverance, Recovery and Hard Work Serving our Neighbors

Hurricane Harvey left a trail of destruction. Rick, like thousands in the greater Houston area, is still rebuilding his home left damaged from the flood waters. As part of his congressional duties, if elected, Rick will fight for families, taxpayers, seniors and young adults against poorly performing and dishonest contractors, insurance companies and slow government agencies whose Harvey reconstruction efforts are causing unnecessary pain and hardships. This will help families get the resources and information they need to rebuild. This “Families First” effort is imperative, so our community and local economy have every chance to recover and thrive.

Rick Walker: A Passion for Smaller, More Efficient Government

“Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted, it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy” – President Ronald Reagan

Government is filled with bureaucratic waste and inefficiencies. Rick’s business and approach to life is the opposite of that.
As the Assets Director of CXRE Commercial Real Estate in Houston, Rick provides the technology and services for commercial buildings in multiple Texas cities to attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, a certification recognizing both resource and process efficiency. Through his team’s development of intelligent workflow software, Rick increases the efficiency of his own and many other organizations directly — increasing growth and profitability.

Rick plans to carry this philosophy of increased efficiency straight to Washington. He will seek to reduce regulation, simplify the tax code, and close costly government spending loopholes. Rick’s goal is a smaller, more efficient government. Rick believes we need to audit every dollar the government spends and cut when possible, saving your tax dollars.

Rick Walker Will Work for Better Paying Jobs

Rick understands that a great-paying job is critical to stable, successful families. Rick began his career by founding a website design and data-hosting company while studying Music-Business at Southern Nazarene University. Off the heels of his successful first business, Rick built GreenEfficient, a merger of world-class sustainable technology and commercial real estate companies which when brought together formed the foundation of his now successful business.