Hi! I'm Rick.

Rick Walker is a renowned leader across multiple domains. As Founder-CEO, he built a 400-employee company, scaled a 2,000+ team member nonprofit into 53 countries as Chairman, and recruited $5 Billion of capital investments to his hometown to generate 5,000 new jobs – simultaneously.

His podcasts and talks communicate deep insights into how mankind functions, rooted in his acquired knowledge of ancient literature, world religions, strategy, and the arts. His central claim is that each of these domains communicates truth.

His background beyond business includes serving as Chairman of a $150MM charitable foundation and director of a Middle Eastern religious college, concurrently. He hosted a popular talk show in 2021 featuring long-form conversations with the most powerful members of the US Senate, US House of Representatives, the Presidential Cabinet, Fortune 500, a billionaire, and fellow multi-domain polymaths.

Regularly consulted by many of the most powerful families in the world, he has even met privately with a United States President.

Rick currently serves at a private equity firm he founded with a group of 11 wealthy families and is the author of a forthcoming book on seeing through the world. Residing in Texas with his wife of 21 years and three mostly teenage daughters, his free time is consumed by sports, ballet lessons, and secret milkshake runs.

His 3:30 AM wake-up call helps fit everything in.


Investor/ Founder


Founded a contingent of world-class investing, sustainable technology and commercial real estate companies which have been brought together into the Lumicre and GreenEfficient brands to provide commercial real estate brokerage, elevator services, maintenance services, automation software and consulting for enterprise clients.

Stratiq Private Equity Firm

Lumicre Private Equity Firm

GreenEfficient (Exit in 2019)


Elected to Board of Directors for this non-profit with governance over 2,000+ team members (700 teams of 2-5 people each) in 53 countries, while 28 years old. Served as Development Task Force Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Chairman of the Board.

Chairman, Board of Directors


Joined Advisory Board in 2013, elected to Executive Board in 2014 for this Houston affiliate of a $2 Billion private foundation.

Chairman, Executive Board Member


Serving on Board of Jewish apologetics, online media, video and middle-eastern emphasis non-profit with entities in multiple countries.

Executive Board


Rick Walker earned distinction as the first recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Music Recording from Southern Nazarene University, a renowned private institution. His academic journey was marked by diverse studies in theological studies, philosophy, trumpet performance, and general business. Subsequently, he pursued further education by enrolling in an MBA program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. However, Rick made a selfless decision to withdraw from his MBA studies to support his wife’s career opportunity at PWC in Houston, Texas, showcasing his unwavering dedication to both personal and professional commitments.

Music-Business, 1997-2001

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, Corpus Christi, Texas
MBA, 2002-2003

Leadership & Community

As a dedicated member of the Greater Houston Partnership Economic Development Advisory Board, Rick Walker was instrumental in securing multiple billion-dollar investments for the Greater Houston Region. His efforts were pivotal in generating thousands of quality job opportunities for Houston families, showcasing his commitment to the economic prosperity of the area. Further highlighting his dedication to sustainable practices, Rick earned his LEED Accredited Professional (LEED-AP) certification, emphasizing his expertise in efficiency and environmental stewardship. 

2008-2010 – GHP Economic Development Advisory Board

2009 – LEED-AP for Efficiency