Americans First:
Rick Walker's Immigration Plan

The United States is one of the only nations in the world that seems to put the needs of other countries before its own. I personally believe that we should put the needs and security of our own citizens first. I plan to set up tough immigration policies. Aligning with President Trump’s immigration plan, here are three cornerstones of what I believe about our country:

– To be a nation, we must secure our borders. We must build a wall across our southern border.

– We must enforce the laws that have been passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government.

– This country must first serve its own citizens. Along these lines, an immigration policy must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

Mexico Will Still Pay For 100% of That Wall

Illegal immigration has cost US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare, housing, education, welfare and other costs. In 2011, the annual cost of free tax credits paid to illegal immigrants quadrupled, reaching $4.2 billion. In 2011, there were 3 million alien arrests, including tens of thousands of violent attacks. If we are to truly be a nation, our borders must be secure. Building a permanent wall across our southern border will help to once again make the United States safe and secure.

While some believe the cost of building a wall is too high, it pales in comparison to what American taxpayers spend annually to deal with the residual effects of illegal immigration in their communities. Until Mexico pays for the wall, the United States will:

– Impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages.

– Increase fees on temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats. If necessary, cancel them.

– Increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico.

– Increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico.

– Increase fees on all border crossing cards – about 1 million are issued to Mexican nationals annually.

– Cutting tariffs and foreign aid are also options. Regardless, I won’t let the United States be taken advantage of anymore.

Enforce The Laws And Constitution of The United States

``I believe that no one is above the law. ``

Another component of my Immigration Policy is the enforcement of Constitutional laws. Below are some things that we can do to enforce our existing laws to enhance the safety and security to our nation:

– Triple the number of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers – The US Border Patrol has tripled in size since 9/11, but ICE’s immigration enforcement arm,  ERO (Enforcement and Removal Operations), has remained almost the same size. These officers need to work closely with Department of Labor auditors to identify and remedy situations where employers are not doing their job.

– Nationwide e-verify – The documentation elements of this program encourage document duplication and forgery. I want to upgrade e-verify, then make it mandatory. This simple measure will protect jobs for unemployed Americans.

– Institute enhanced penalties for overstaying visas – Millions of people come to the US on temporary visas, but don’t leave. This a threat to national security. I believe that every person who remains here on an expired visa should suffer criminal penalties. A visa tracking system will be necessary as well. I will also help to implement an employer-side withholding excise rate of 50% on people who work while overstaying a visa and awaiting enforcement implementation.

– Return all criminal aliens to their home countries – Cancel visas to foreign countries which will not accept their own criminals. Make it a separate crime to commit an offense while here illegally.

– Detention (not catch-and-release) – Detain illegal aliens who are caught crossing the border until they are sent home. End ‘catch-and-release’.

– Defund sanctuary cities – Eliminate federal grants to cities which won’t cooperate with federal law enforcement.

– Continue President Trump’s directive to wind-down DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

– Mandate that anyone entering the country on a VISA must speak English.

– Cooperate with local gang task forces.

– End birthright citizenship.

– End the lottery visa system.

– End chain migration.

Our Families First

Disastrous trade deals and lax immigration policies have hit the middle class hard. According to a CBS news report entitled “America’s incredible shrinking middle class”:

If the middle-class is the economic backbone of America, then the country is developing osteoporosis.

Allowing more and more unskilled foreign workers into this country hurts working Americans – it keeps salaries low, unemployment high and makes it harder for working class Americans to achieve a middle class wage. Consider these numbers:

– Almost half of all immigrants and their US-born children currently live at or near the poverty level (including over 60 percent of Hispanic immigrants).

– Each year, we voluntarily allow an additional 2 million new immigrants, guest workers, refugees and dependents to enter our country.

– Currently, the US has an all-time historic record population of 42 million immigrants.

``I want to see wages growing, teenagers getting back to work and minorities rising into the middle class. I want to see improvements in schools and communities that are falling behind. I want to ensure our that the immigrants residing in this country can become part of the American dream. We also need to stop giving legal immigrant visas to people who want to harm us. By controlling the admission of new low-earning workers, my immigration policy will put American workers first.``

Here are a number of components that will do this:

– Increase wages for H-1Bs – This will force companies to offer these entry level jobs to the domestic workers, both unemployed native and immigrant workers, instead of recruiting cheaper workers from overseas.

– Require employers to hire Americans first – In 2015, there were 92 million Americans outside the workforce and incomes were collapsing. Companies need to hire from the existing pool of unemployed domestic workers before seeking visas.

– End welfare abuse by immigrants – Visa applicants should be required to demonstrate the ability to pay for housing, healthcare and other needs before arriving in the U.S.

– Jobs programs for inner city youth – Terminate J-1 visa job program for foreign youth and replace it with a resume bank for inner city youth.

– Refugee programs for American children – Enact stricter standards for the admission of refugees and asylum-seekers. Then divert funds from expensive refugee programs to place American orphans in safer homes and communities and to improve safety and security in high crime neighborhoods.

– Immigration moderation – Force employers to hire domestically before any new green cards are issued to foreign workers abroad.

Americans First

Because I believe that we should put Americans first, I also believe we need a tougher, stricter stance on immigration. I propose an Immigration Policy that will secure our southern border with a wall, enforce Constitutional laws and improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.