Evil’s War Plan Against Us Just Uncovered

Evil’s War Plan Against Us Just Uncovered!


I heard archaeologists unearthed bound papers scratched in an alien language seven miles outside Jerusalem. It was 1921, and the text is only now beginning to be deciphered; after a century of sweat-filled blood kept secret. It seems to have been left behind by a Corporal rank devil-strategist as he was escaping back to hell, as it still lingers of smoky horror. Here, I will reveal their devilish strategies they still use to undo us all – including our organizations and families. This is part of their ancient playbook, which I will release over the coming months as the deciphering continues. These strategies, like our souls, bound in human flesh. We are their enemy. 


*               *               *

Weapons of Evil


The enemy will consider himself humble, while being most prone to pride. He must never even suspect he might have an ounce of it, so that he will never look in the mirror to evaluate. It is only the sick who will suspect they need a doctor. And our enemy must believe he is well. 


So, what are the best weapons to defeat him? 




First off, mediocrity. He shall never have any idea of exceptionalism. Because he is biased, we shall use that against him. In fact, we shall never do a thing – we shall allow him to stew in his bias. His bias towards recent books, instead of the ancients. His bias towards younger men, instead of wise women. His belief that what he sees is what is. Here, believing normal is greatness, he perverts not only rightness but also beauty. 


And if what he sees is all there is, he will never go looking for more. And the man who never looks for truth or love, will remain in our grasp. And whatever is in our grasp becomes a weapon against all others not yet in our clutches. 


We shall place average men and organizations all around him. He shall see statistics and look for the averages. He shall look for the vehicle which best feeds his ego while at the maximum of his budget. He is a lover of average. He strains for it. 


He will seek the favor of the crowd. He will seek the women who are easy, because hard-fought love makes strong men. He will write them off, as he does all other greatness. 


Oh, and his friends. His friends will be key. For we will surround the man with the most incredulous individuals available – good-guy men & women. That will be enough for the average man. 





Next we turn to the weapon of peace. Peace, when prioritized, becomes that most unsuspecting weapon of violence. Peace is the most violent turning against a man’s self. And if we can convince the enemy to be a pacifist, even better. We shall remove the fight, with the fulcrum of false-goodness. We shall tell him he is better and more holy for being a peaceful man, while he loses his practice to fight off temptations. And peace is how weak men are made. 



We do not want an enemy who fights well. So, we must take away his practice. He must never learn to judge or condemn – he must believe that is for savages. And by losing his desire to judge, he will cease to do so. And ceasing to judge – for to judge makes him bad – he becomes a man unable to know. 


Knowing requires judging. 


And this is where we want him to live. In the unjudging monotony, which he calls unity. And for being a man who is one of unity, he shall receive all the laud and praise. He shall receive prizes for his lack of fight. Awards for his surrender. 




And finally, once he is surrounded by mediocre ideas & people, peacefully asleep, and unable to judge, he shall lie in a bed of comfort & protection. It shall be as if he is already dead. Comfortable, we do not need to pay any more attention or worry. We can move on to another enemy soldier. 



And we shall begin with the enemy’s clergy and children.