Press Release: Multiple Policies Announced

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Today, Rick Walker is announcing multiple policy statements are live on his website. Walker, a candidate for Texas’ Second Congressional District, has been very busy documenting his positions in a number of areas. In the past few weeks, Walker has released plans to end Harris County Flooding, provide a bilateral adoption tax credit to stimulate adoption and a comprehensive immigration plan. Walker has been active in responding to policy questions via the Rick Walker for Congress Facebook group at

  • Economic Offense,
    • 9% Flat Tax,
    • Increasing H-1B Visas,
    • Ending Tariffs,
    • Closing OSHA, EXIM Bank and the EPA,
    • Kill the Obamacare Employer Mandate,
  • Reforming Civil Asset Forfeiture, and
  • Caring for Our Veterans (Veterans Choice Program).

More information on Rick Walker’s platform and Rick Walker for Congress may be obtained at

Source: Rick Walker for Congress