Press Release: Americans First Immigration

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Texas Candidate Rick Walker Rolls Out ‘Americans First’ Immigration Policy

US House of Representatives hopeful Rick Walker has rolled out his Immigration Policy. Aligning with President Trump’s immigration plan, Walker adheres to three cornerstones:

– To be a nation, we must secure our borders by building a wall across our border with Mexico.

– We must enforce the existing Constitutional laws which address immigration issues.

– Immigration policies must improve jobs, wages and security for every American.


Putting Americans First

Rick Walker believes that the needs and security of Americans should be a priority. He plans to set up tough immigration policies so that the United States will once again put American citizens first. For example, as the candidate who has created more jobs than all other candidates combined and who uses eVerify in his business, Walker believes eVerify should be strengthened and made mandatory.


About Rick Walker

Rick Walker is a leader across multiple domains – business, global and nonprofit arenas – who is dedicated to serving others. The founder of a job-creation machine and former Chairman of a global organization while in his 30’s, he has proven himself more than capable of accomplishing important tasks and getting things done.

Walker supports innovative and forward-thinking policies and tougher immigration policies. Once elected, his strong, conservative voice will help to strengthen existing immigration policies and establish additional policies.

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