Press Release: Walker Challenges Opponents

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Rick Walker for Congress
We now know who will be running for office in Texas. December 11, 2017 was the filing deadline day for the state. Conservative Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, Rick Walker, isn’t wasting any time getting to work! He’s already challenging his opponents to a series of face to face debates.
“I think it’s important to let the people know where we stand on the issues,” said Conservative Republican Candidate Rick Walker. “From family values to border security there are a lot of important issues people need to know about. My campaign is about ‘our values’ and I am ready to take a stand.”
Kingwood church deacon, husband, father and businessman Rick Walker is running to replace retiring GOP Congressman Ted Poe for the 2nd House District of the U.S. Congress. At least 10 other people are also running for the position.
Walker truly lives the motto “Houston Strong” and stands out from the crowd as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His home sustained catastrophic damage due to Hurricane Harvey and he has been working tirelessly to not only repair his home but also help his neighbors and the community rebuild.
“This Christmas will be different for many of us as we are continuing to rebuild our homes or relocate to do Harvey,” Walker said. “I want to help you get the resources and information you need to rebuild.
The values of Faith, Family and Country are the rock upon which Walker will fight to create more good-paying jobs here at home, promote family values and the right to life, all while cutting government and bureaucratic waste through increased efficiency.  Rick Walker shares our values and will put them to work for us in Congress.
If elected, Walker will fight for families, taxpayers, seniors and young adults against poorly performing and dishonest contractors and insurance companies whose reconstruction efforts are causing unnecessary pain and hardships. Walker shares conservatives’ values and stands up for faith, family, and country first.
Stay tuned for upcoming debate details! Need to know more about the upcoming Primary Election? The Texas Elections Division has more about the races involved and options for voting.